Interested in social media? Check out our workshop at the upcoming ESA meeting.

As Jai Raganathan recently put it, scientists need to do outreach or our science dies. Social media can be a powerful outreach tool, but is also really useful to develop collaborations and network with other scientists, journalists, editors, and policy makers.

“But how?” you ask. If you’re attending the Ecological Society of American annual meeting in Minneapolis, you can learn more at a workshop hosted by Sandra Chung (of NEON) and me. Here’s the description:

Social media and online social networks are rapidly gaining popularity among scientists as a powerful set of tools that can streamline scientific collaboration and discovery in ways that both improve the quality of scientific research and broaden its impact. Research professionals and science communicators are also using social media to engage the public in the process and discussion of science, both to encourage greater public science literacy and to address broader impacts and outreach requirements that accompany public research funding. This two-part workshop will arm participants with the basic knowledge and resources they need to engage in the online science community. Examples demonstrate how smart use of Twitter, blogs and science social networks can enhance scientific workflows, communication, and education. In-workshop practice and introductions to online resources and to a supportive, knowledgeable community of new and old social media users are designed to deepen the skills of current social media users and to give new users everything they need to hit the ground running.

The workshop is $25 for a half day on the Sunday before the meetings. Bring a computer! We’ll help you with everything you need to get started. Have a request for what you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments!


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