Where’s Dr. Gill?

After a wonderful year here at the Environmental Change Initiative at Brown, my time as a Voss Postdoctoral Fellow is nearly over. I’ll be traveling quite a bit in the next few weeks, before landing in my new position at the University of Maine this fall. Here’s where you can catch me:

1) July 19 – 23: I’ll be in Baltimore, MD for the Conserving the Stage workshop (on using geophysical units in conservation), followed by a brief attendance at the International Congress of Conservation Biology meetings. I’ll be presenting in the Conserving the Stage Symposium — I’ll be speaking at 9:15 on Rapidly changing actors on the stage: climate change, megafaunal extinctions, and novel plant communities at the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary. 

2) July 24 – August 2: I’ll be in the process of packing and moving my Wisconsin and Rhode Island households to Maine! My husband will be starting an MFA program in Fiction at UNH this fall. We’re thrilled to be rejoining forces as Team Interdisciplinary.

3) August 3 – 9: I’ll be at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Minneapolis, MN. I’ll be moderating Symposium 21: Rapid Climate Change and Species Range Shifts: Observations, Predictions, and Management, a session I co-organized with Alejandro Ordonez and Jack Williams, as well as a new Ignite session, Sharing Makes Science Better (organized by Sandra Chung). Sandra and I are also running a workshop on Sunday on Social Media for Scientists (tell your luddite colleagues!). I’ll be presenting my postdoctoral research on the conservation lessons of the climate-driven extinctions of the last 2.5 million years — you can check out my abstract here. Finally, I welcome anyone to attend the Paleoecology Section Business meeting!

Have a great summer! If you see me at a conference, please feel free to say “hi!”


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