Island BEASTs: congratulations, Mario, Kit, and Dulcinea!

Exciting news from BEAST Lab grad students doing island-related research!

Masters student Mario Williams‘ thesis research has been successfully funded on He’ll be working up a multi-proxy Holocene sediment record to reconstruct the human, ecological, and climatic history of this Caribbean biodiversity hotspot. Stay tuned for exciting research to come!

PhD candidate and NSF IGERT Fellow Dulcinea Groff was awarded a Shackleton Scholarship Fund to return to the Falklands to collect new data on grazing and seabird impacts on plants. This research provides a contemporary land use linkage to her Holocene environmental reconstructions of seabirds, climate, vegetation, and fire on the islands.

PhD student and NSF Graduate Fellow Kit Hamley has received Explorer’s Club and Rolex Explorer grants to fund an expedition to the Falklands to excavate an animal bone pile discovered during her thesis research. This will continue her research investigating whether there was a prehistoric human presence in the Falklands, and whether humans were involved in the origins of the Falkland Islands Wolf.

You can read more about Kit and Dulcinea’s work on their project page.


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