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Jax and phoebe hire a podcast team

Who we are: Two experienced women podcasters, paleobiologists, and professors looking to bring our love of Earth’s history (and pie) to the masses. We bring a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility to everything we do.  What we’re doing: We’re making a… Continue Reading “Jax and phoebe hire a podcast team”


How Resilient are New England’s Sky Island Alpine Communities? The BEAST Lab at the University of Maine has a funded position for a graduate student (at the MS or PhD level) to join a project for Fall 2019 investigating the long-term resilience of alpine… Continue Reading “GRADUATE POSITION AVAILABLE”


The BEAST Lab (Biodiversity and Environments Across Space and Time) is recruiting a highly motivated PhD student for a research project reconstructing late Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions, paleoclimates, and vegetation changes in Beringia. This project will involve: 1) opportunities for interdisciplinary training in cutting-edge methods… Continue Reading “PhD POSITION IN PALEOECOLOGY”

Island BEASTs: congratulations, Mario, Kit, and Dulcinea!

Exciting news from BEAST Lab grad students doing island-related research! Masters student Mario Williams‘ thesis research has been successfully funded on He’ll be working up a multi-proxy Holocene sediment record to reconstruct the human, ecological, and climatic history of this Caribbean biodiversity hotspot.… Continue Reading “Island BEASTs: congratulations, Mario, Kit, and Dulcinea!”

Are you #TeamWarrah or #TeamPenguin?

Our first week of crowd-funding has been a huge success — we’ve raised over $3000 towards our $10,000 goal, with over 75 contributors so far. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word! Let’s make things interesting: Remember when I said that we… Continue Reading “Are you #TeamWarrah or #TeamPenguin?”

The BEAST Lab is heading to the southern hemisphere, and we need your help!

I’m thrilled to announce that two of my grad students, Dulcinea Groff and Kit Hamley, have launched a crowd-funding campaign to support their research to the Falkland Islands. The three of us are headed down there in December, and the funds from this initiative… Continue Reading “The BEAST Lab is heading to the southern hemisphere, and we need your help!”

I’m speaking at the International Biogeography Society biennal meeting.

I’m giving a talk today at the International Biogeography Society meeting in Miami, FL. You can read the abstract, follow along on Twitter at #ibs13. I’ve published the talk on Figshare, which you can access here. Novelty in space and time: Linking pattern and… Continue Reading “I’m speaking at the International Biogeography Society biennal meeting.”

New Paper: Arguments and evidence against a Younger Drays Impact Event

Start the new year off right with a new paper summarizing the evidence against a Younger Dryas impact event. Led by Mark Boslough, it was published in a recent Chapman Conference volume (Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations) by the American Geophysical Union. You can read the abstract (subscription… Continue Reading “New Paper: Arguments and evidence against a Younger Drays Impact Event”

I’m a guest on this week’s Science…Sort Of podcast!

I’m back again on Science…Sort Of. This week, I talk about arguing (inspired by my all-time most popular blog post, How to argue with a scientist: a guide), solar planes, and a little trailer trash talk about the upcoming Die Hard movie, Another Day… Continue Reading “I’m a guest on this week’s Science…Sort Of podcast!”

I have accepted a faculty position at UMaine!

I am very pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Paleoecology & Plant Ecology at the University of Maine in Orono, jointly with the School of Biology & Ecology and the Climate Change Institute! I am thrilled to join… Continue Reading “I have accepted a faculty position at UMaine!”